A healthy life starts with a healthy home.

PURE Indoor Environmental takes a holistic approach to detect, assess and remediate issues in your indoor environment that may be affecting your health. The quality of the air you breathe where you live, learn and work is the foundation for a happy, healthy life.

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homes are hazardous to their occupants health. (source EPA)


28% of us are at risk of mold-related health issues because of our genes.

More than meets the eye.

Biological contamination in a property can sometimes be obvious, like water stains or mold, but many times it goes unseen and undetected for homeowners and property managers. Often it’s not until you or a loved one begins experiencing health issues that you dig a little deeper. Even then, getting to the answer isn’t always easy. Evaluating indoor air quality is a complicated process – one that we take seriously. Read more about our unique approach.

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We live and breathe indoor air quality.

We can’t deny that we are indoor air quality nerds. We take a multidisciplinary and practical approach to identifying and remediating air quality issues. We leverage backgrounds in building science and indoor biology to approach each case holistically in the context of occupant health concerns and with a deep understanding of the various systems and air flow dynamics that make up an indoor space to get to the root cause.

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We use science to improve air quality that supports your health.

We utilize case specific environmental sampling methodology with 3rd party laboratory verification, then form a specific scope of work to make functional corrections and provide specific recommendations that serve to roadmap your property toward optimal health. We live and breathe indoor air quality so you can breathe easier.

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More than just mold remediation.

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Who we help

Mold and indoor air quality issues know no boundaries. All indoor
environments operate as a dynamic system to support comfort, moisture
control, air quality, and wellness. Here’s who we help.

Environmentally Sensitive

Are you immune-compromised or suffer from a chronic condition that was caused by or is exacerbated by exposure to biotoxins? Learn more about our unique Environmentally Sensitive Approach.

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Business Owners

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Healthcare Professionals

One of the most professional and caring companies I have ever dealt with. As a Charleston native I can honestly say Jacqueline and Brannon were extremely professional and answered all of my questions and took time to follow up with me. 10 out of 10

James B., Summerville, SC

We are so pleased with the mold remediation results received from work done in our home by PURE Indoor Environmental. Our mold issue was identified, targeted, and eliminated by the technology of dry fogging, and a second step application of EverPure. From beginning to end the team of PURE Indoor Environmental were on time, every time and kept us informed of what they were doing. 

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They are knowledgable of the product, process, and results. Follow-up was above and beyond, and surpassed our expectations. Testing was done before the remediation, and afterward as well. We are confident the problem has been eliminated, and would recommend Pure Maintenance of South Carolina, LLC (Charleston) with the highest of marks. Mr. and Mrs. Lessard

Susie L., Daniel Island, SC

I can not say enough good things about PURE Indoor Environmental. It was so refreshing to work with a contractor that is educated, responsive and patient. The entire staff of PURE Indoor Environmental at every phase of remediation was timely and extremely patient in answering all of my questions. When you are dealing with mold in your house, the overwhelming stress of trying to navigate the process was alleviated by having competent, caring professionals working to make your house safe again. Thank you so much.

Shannon Q., Ravenel, SC
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How We Help

The ability to successfully restore indoor environmental health starts with identifying past and present sources of moisture and contamination. We perform a comprehensive assessment of the property to identify issues, test the air quality, and make informed recommendations for sustainable indoor health going forward.

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67 Medical Interventions

Our Services:

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Investigations

Indoor Environmental Testing

Mold Remediation

HVAC/Duct Hygiene

Sustainable Indoor Air Quality Plans

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Maintenance

Annual Inspections

We use a unique approach to assess the root cause of bad air quality before we get to work fixing the problem.

The risks of doing more harm than good in remediation are high and require an informed approach that understands the the technical elements required to safely remove mold and its sources. Our proprietary “B4” approach happens before remediation is specified to avoid inaccurate conclusions and uninformed scopes of work. Read indepth about our process.


We assess the history of the property, taking into consideration occupant health concerns.


Every property serves a different function. We assess how the property is being used and maintained.


Building Science principles are used to assess the dynamics of HVAC, Envelope, and Occupant Behaviors.


We perform an environmental sampling plan tailored to the property and occupant health profile.

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PURE Indoor Environmental Testimonials

Following remediation of a shower, Ashley became concerned with her 11 year old daughter’s declining health and suspected underlying issues with the home. 

Ashley Adorno Story

Upon recently moving to the Charleston area, Jane noticed a musty smell coming from her newly purchased home.

Jane Hines Story

After relocating to Charleston to pursue health care, Shelby was concerned that her new home may not provide a safe place for healing.

Shelby McGinley Story
PURE Indoor Environmental

At our heart, we love what we do – promoting optimal health and wellness through healthier indoor environments.

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